Crossovers are signal splitters often used to split certain frequencies in a speaker system so that instead of your regular speakers and your woofer attempting to handle frequencies they may not be designed for, the crossover sends everything under a certain frequency down to your sub and everything above up to your top.

Though traditionally Alto speakers have built in a crossover with our subs, starting with the TS4 series we have begun building them into the tops so that if you are using a set of TS4 speakers with a different set of subs, you could have the TS4 handle that crossover change for consistency. As a result, we encourage customers to plug first into the TS4 series speakers and go down to their subs.

The Speaker use button is not the same as the crossover from our other Subs. This button is just an EQ setting to match the TS4 series tops so the sound stays consistent between the two speakers. 

If you are in a situation where you are not using a TS4 but need to be able to crossover, you would need to use an external crossover. The frequency would need to split the signal towards the lower end of your top. For example, if your top handles a frequency down to 50hz, you would want to adjust the crossover to around 60-80hz, up to 100hz depending on your tastes and the room you are playing to.

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